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  1. Hello, Ankit!

    It’s really a nice article on a beautiful blog!

    The commission from different affiliate programs varies. Instead of going for the high paying network, a blogger should consider choosing a niche related affiliate product. This will create trust between the blog author and the readers. It would be more easy to sell the products.

  2. Hi Ankit,

    Can we use Adsense and Affiliate Ads on the same web page? I mean can we use both together?

    Kindly answer this question.


  3. Hello, Ankit
    You’ve explained in simple words with every bit of information that anyone can start affiliate marketing very easily. Making money from affiliate marketing is one of the passive income methods and I love doing it.

    Thanks! for sharing

  4. Arpan Naskar says:

    great content….learned a lot…thanks for this information….looking forward to many such articles definitely

  5. Tarun Bagri says:

    Big fan bro!
    my question is:-
    How to get backlinks for an Entertainmet niche website?
    I am following you from the last 3 months. And you are doing great work bro.
    Keep it up !!!

  6. Emmanuel Joshua says:

    This is an amazing piece of content! In-depth research, vivid points, practical and feasible strategies.

    Thanks for the effort in putting this up.

  7. Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Man,Keep it up.

  8. Thank you Mr. Ankit. You have covered almost all dimensions of affiliate marketing. Many more things I came to know after going through your web page.

  9. Hello Ankit Bro,

    Excellent post on Affiliate Marketing. It is now one of the best ways to monetize a blog. Today, almost every users have an ad blocker installed on their browser and here affiliate marketing works great. You have to choose a relevant product that resonates with your readers. Writing a detailed review about them by mentioning both pros and cons build up trust and help you to increase sales and conversions. Patience and keep trying new techniques is very helpful to skyrocket your affiliate sales. Brilliant Post.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  10. I want to tell every new blogger go with affiliate marketing when it comes to monetize your blog you will never regret.

  11. Hi Ankit,

    年代uch a good post on Affiliate Marketing. The way you explain things is outstanding. So I have tried a few affiliate programs that you have mentioned here. Do you have any experience with Click Bank? I’m looking forward to trying this one.

    By the way thanks for sharing.

  12. Hey Ankit,

    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge. It helps a lot of people like me.

  13. I Like Your Post, Daily I Learned something for Your Blog Post only, It’s Helpful for Me.

  14. Hello Ankit
    Nice Article on affiliate marketing. it is really helpful thanks for post.

  15. You are great sir,this post is just owesome.sir can I do affiliate marketing on blogger site.

  16. This is a really great article on affiliate marketing and it is also very helpful so thanks for posting and sharing it with us.

  17. This blog made has clarified me with the ideas of Affiliate marketing and it’s benefits. Yes, absolutely it’s an Informative one. Thank you BTW

  18. Bloggers doing affiliate marketing needs first to build a great mindset and dedication
    unfortunately all the courses describe the steps as a follow them and you will reach your destination

    Few gurus dedicate part of their courses to the importance of being patient and focus, also building audience and not a non related blog posts
    All courses provide the steps and you follow and don’t get any result so you quit

  19. Michael says:

    Master Blogging is literally the best community anywhere. I read it every day. It helped me learn affiliate marketing and make a consistent income.

  20. Thanks for sharing such a awesome article. I like the way of your explanation and readability. It helps me a lot

  21. You have described affiliate marketing very nicely..
    I just love your blog
    Keep Blogging Ankit

  22. I love Affiliate Because It is one of the best ways to earn money from a blog. Actually in this time adsense create more problem to monetize blog ,i love affiliate marketing, thanks for sharing this valuable informative post

  23. Hi, sir your so nice to write the article. I am happy to read it, also i am affiliate of amazon but now stuggling give me best way reaching to more audience on my blog

  24. Nice article, there will be a time where I will do affiliate marketing, but I have firstly to boost my traffic XD

    1. Traffic is a must, Marco. I suggest you go after targeted traffic. Find problems in your niche and solve those problems with your informational + commercial content. Promote that content and you’ll start seeing results. Good luck.

  25. Hi, sir your so nice to write the article. I am happy to read it, also I am an affiliate of amazon but now struggling to give me the best way of reaching to more audiences on my blog.

  26. Hi ankit,

    Basically I am using google adsense in my blogging career. When i think about affiliate marketing, getting lack of confidence. Fear to invest my time in affiliate marketing. But most bloggers supports affiliate marketing than google adsense. Also i have not much knowledge on affiliate marketing. When i pass through your this article, Now i am confident and learned almost all the steps on affiliate marketing. Thanks for giving such a detailed post. Now I decided to start my affiliate site, and your keyword research article helped me to find niche and products. thanks a lot


  27. Hey Ankit !
    Thank you for giving valuable information and i ask please write the one article about how the sale (Affiliate ) products on a new blog or website have small traffics.

    and replay to me ASAP.

  28. Hi Ankit, I found this blog post on google search and found exactly what I was looking. The content delivery is nice that everybody finds a clear idea about the subject.

    Actually I am from Nepal and learning digital marketing so this could be a milestone for me to learn and get some ideas for digital marketing.

    Thank You.

  29. Hi,
    Good to see you here for affiliate marketing for complete marketing and having right article to see you.

  30. Hello Ankit, I recently read your article and collect great knowledge about affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing complete and deep information. I found this article very useful. Hope you will share more knowledge in future as well.

  31. Hello Ankit
    Nice Article on affiliate marketing. it is really helpful thanks for post.

  32. Thanks you so much Ankit. After reading this article I’m fully motivated to start earning from Affiliate marketing.

  33. Hi Ankit, great article thanks for sharing. I’m not new to affiliate marketing but using your article as a checklist, make me think there are important steps in the affiliate process I am missing and can improve upon. At the moment I do not split test, so I might start researching how exactly to do this to try to improve my conversions. I have noticed that using bonuses has increased my sales quite a bit compared to when I was not using bonuses. But using bonuses requires a lot more work too. Appreciate the tips.