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  1. Anshul Mathur says:

    Finding domain name for a blog is really frustrating and time consuming process. Though there are many online domain name suggestors tools out there, but most of them generates irrelevant names.
    By the end of this post, a person will be much eligible to find a new domain name by his own. Thanks for such an awesome post.

  2. Nirmala says:

    I got notification in my email through your newsletter and immediately landed over here to read this interesting post, Ankit

    I would say that it is a well crafted post for the ones who wanna take blogging as their profession. Yes, blog name matters a lot and I completely unaware of this face when I’ve started to blog in the year 2013.

    Atish was the one who named my blog and it has no keywords in it. I agree with you that the name “backlinko” is attractive and memorable as well.

    I was wondering about Aha-now with a hyphen and yes, it is somewhat difficult to remember the blog names with hyphen and numbers.

    I am accepting your viewpoint on brandability, is it go to buy the domain magicfundas.com or any other related to enhance the brand awareness of my blog?

    Really a good post on choosing the blog name with key points, keep writing for us bro.

  3. nazem elmasri says:


    this is all good stuff really helpful…can you check out my blog on my blog spot titled : The Pulse

    please look at it and give me some tips on how to improve it and guide more traffic to it.


  4. rudresh says:

    hey there,

    this is really an interesting post for all of us. how confused i was while choosing my blog name which took couple of weeks. i wish i could have read post like this at that time. any way this post is perfect for all newbies out there. hope it helps all of them.


  5. Nice and effective guide bro!
    I choose betterinfoview.com for technology niche. It means view better info about technology niche.
    But really in-depth explaination bro.
    Thanks for publishing it

  6. Anil Reddy says:

    Ankit. U are really great. How nicely written. Njoyed while reading

  7. One thing I have noticed that helps with site names is to include the local city name in it. I’m working on a local cat site, and for each city, I call it [site name] – Sacramento. Etc. It helps get lots of traffic from the locals in the area!

  8. Tarun says:

    Thats nice to read your article Anikit, i think generic blog names are better for new bloggers as it can help a bit to rank on their primary keywords, but professional bloggers must have a Branded Blog names.

  9. Hi Ankit, thanks for sharing this in-depth and full of awareness about choosing a domain name with do’s and don’ts. However there are lots of other posts related to this topic but your post is just above the crowd.

    我复制你的一些建议我每天诺里居民区上空dge Hunt Diary (DKHD). I hope you won’t mind.

    Once again thanks for sharing this awesome post.

    Mohinder Paul Verma
    bloggingFunda – A Community of Bloggers

  10. Hi Ankit,

    Thank you very much for sharing this valuable post. I was thinking of finding out a perfect domain name for a new christian community blog that I am planning to start with the help of few other people. Your post came as a timely reminder for me to help finding a perfect name.

    When I started my blog, my actual intention was to make it a blog that combine some photograpy and art work in it. My actual intention was to do it with the help of a friend who is actually a good graphic designer and photographer. As my friend was too busy with his day time job, we left the idea. That is why I choose the name Digital Dimensions for my blog keeping in mind the photography elements to be displayed. For such a blog, it is a perfect name but I find there is another website with similar name and so I changed the name once again to Digitaldimensions4u, that is not actually related to the contents in the blog like the website ‘Onion’ you mentioned. The greatest mistake I made is the last letters ‘4u’ in the domain name.

    Hoping to hear again from you with your very informative artilcles.

    Thanks and regards

    Reji Stephenson

  11. Ripum says:

    Hii Ankit !
    Thanks for sharing this valubale information and after reading this i was able to buy a domain for the event..
    Thanks keep sharing such articles..

  12. Saad Wasil says:

    It’s really an effective and useful article for newbies and for old hands, too. I’ll must follow this guide while choosing a name for my new blog.

  13. Shaik zahid says:

    Sir ur content is just fabulous, amongst all the blogs i have gone through i can state frm myself is dat ur blog contains detailed informatiom.
    I am interested to start a religious blog would it workout?

  14. Muhammad Imran says:

    Another Great Post, Thanks

  15. hey Ankit
    a very good post on selecting an appropriate blog name. I believe that choosing an appropriate blog name is the first and foremost milestone in the journey of blogging, be it a professional or personal blog. However I think that one of the most important criterion that a blog name should pass is that it should be easy to remember that way it can maintain the density of it’s users since if they remember the name, they need not to wander on other blogs.
    warm regards

  16. Shirley says:

    You wrote it very nicely & specially i like the page layout. Worth reading with website lists!!

  17. Awesome article as always you provide for your users. All points were more than valid and very essential to notedown in mind. Once again I would love to say, it was all more than important as well as noteworthy for bloggers to improve their blogging knowledge. you had conclude all the things rightly. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  18. It’s really an effective and useful article for newbies and for old hands, too.

  19. I’m newbie in blogging. and i’m worried for a domain name choice.
    your article and tricks helped me out of this worry.
    Thanks Very Much. Keep surprising us by posting your helpful article and tricks.

    Go ahead man. God Bless You (y)

  20. Mukesh Dutta says:

    Hi Ankit,

    That’s almost a perfect guide for choosing a blog name. The most important thing I feel is that the name should connect to blog’s target audience no matter what process is involved in finding out a name.

    Hope to see an exclusive article on the benefits of having a great domain name!

  21. Hey Ankit Singla,
    I really enjoyed this post and after read it, i think that i have to change my domain name. my domain name is techincongo.net. and the .com version is already taken by a website of only adsense links.
    Can you suggest me a post on how to change domain without loosing his traffic, and domain authority ?

  22. deepa says:

    Thanks for sharing great article about A Perfect Blog Name how to choose. You have explained very well in this post. And This post help to take certain precautions while finalizing a blog name.

  23. puneet says:

    Thanx for sharing a useful post. This post will make help to others for creating their blog name.

  24. Abhishek says:

    When i started blogging, i used blogspot. I was not sure and have no idea about choosing blog name. I used the post name as my domain name. Since, then i have learned a lot. importing all articles from blogspot to custom domain( thanks to this article), I deleted that blog.
    Thank You.

  25. Mahesh says:

    Thanx for sharing a useful post. This post will make help to others for creating their blog name.

  26. Parminder Singh says:

    Really, its so difficult to select the name of blog. Your post will help to search the name easily. Thanks for these nice tips.

  27. Abhishek Jain says:

    It is incredible guide to find new domains that can become big in next few years. The point of giving search engine love to your domains is awesome and it can boost up your domain value to great extent.

  28. akash says:

    It is a usful post i hope it will help the nw begginers to create their blog name.

  29. Thanx for this.. I hope It will helpful to me to suggest the domain name because i m currently working on blogspot. so last thnx for ths

  30. Kunal says:

    Thank for your post. What if i have EMD ? is there any issue with google EMD algorithms ?? please let me know .

  31. Hi Ankit,

    What we can do if .com not available ?? .org or .net which is more good ?? or any other new gtlds ??

    hat you prefer after .com ??

    thank you.

  32. That’s what I was looking for.
    Very well said.

    But Domains on your name make you popular. Don’t you think they are effective as your personal name promotion on the web?

  33. hi ‎Ankit Singla bro,

    Thanks for this Clear Guide domain with numeric is good?

  34. Ankit Bro!

    The Point You Mentioned As We Should Go for .com domain only. But When It comes to Other Handy Uses, it’s quite not helpful.

    like, if someone is using Viral Event Blogging / Niche Target Sites viz. Amazon e-commerce etc. only For money making,
    .store extension might be a fit for a Drop shipping Target.

    Also Targeting Country with a ccTLD also a significant way for local Branding.
    Link. in for India /.au for Australia /.co.uk for UK etc. as everyone knows.

    在这里你的意见在fi版权©检查rst Comes Handy for Evry New Blogger When Choosing Brandable Domain Names..

    Nicely Crafted Informative Guide…

  35. i never think about it,my rankings goes to another website by these problem with name.You are Great Ankit SIr.

  36. 布依族人的好的文章ng a New Domain and Starting a New Niche Site.

    Your Question is ! Does your blog name pass the phone test?
    I think Yes, Because My Blog name is 1Hindi and I Write Posts on Different Topics for Personal Development and Life Tips.

    So, The main thing your Blog Name or Domain Tells your Website Content. That’s a Positive Start.

    1. Rajpal Singh says:

      Bijaya kumar don’t mind but i think your domain name 1hindi doesn’t pass the phone test. 1hindi can be taken as onehindi. numbers and hypen should be avoided in domain name.

  37. Rajpal Singh says:

    Hi Ankit,
    Finding a good domain name is really tough as lots of domains get registered everyday and most of top level and good domain names already registered.

    Now if you want a good domain name then you have to be creative. you can make a new fancy word by mixing 2-3 words that sounds like a brand.

  38. Creola says:

    Hey Ankit,
    Thanks for sharing it. I really loved your describe process. Whatever, I know that domain name selection is so difficult and important for make perfect blog. But I am surprised after seeing this post. It has really helped me. Thanks! for sharing. See you again to take an idea about blogging.

  39. sherwood says:

    Great post! I really love it. Actually, name selection is so hard but, still important. I really surprised from this blog. I know sometimes domain name checker tools saw a wrong result. Are you agree with me? Thanks for share.

  40. Thank you for sharing such an awesome article. This will for sure will help me in choosing the next blog name.

  41. 谢谢你的一篇很棒的文章。这将帮助我n choosing a name for next my blogs. it is the most difficult work for me to do. you made it so easy. Thanks, Ankit

  42. Hello Sir,
    First of all thanks for lot of information with us.
    Sir, I started two blogs last year, on of them started to rank in top 10 positions for around 150 keywords and in top 20 for about 2k keywords but suddenly(maybe after May Google update), started losing keywords and lost all the ranking and right now only one post is ranking at 17 positions..Although my website was regularly updated.
    Please help me sir, I have invested a lot but earned 0.

  43. Nice post as always. However, I have a question, How can you name your blog if you are trying to build a personal brand around it but your name is hard to spell and write (like mine) by many?

  44. Dear Ankit,

    To be honest your article is informative and very helpful. After I saw your site and I read it and it helps me a lot. Thanks for share your kind information. I appreciate all the advice and information you give us.

  45. Hope to see an exclusive article on the benefits of having a great domain name!

  46. Hey Ankit,

    I must commend you for this amazing post.

    Name selection was a very stumbling block for me when I registered my domain. I had to mix three names to be able to get a fancy kinda brand name.

    My greatest challenge thereafter is ranking and getting google to crawl and index my blog. I have been struggling with that and I will find it very helpful if you make a post on tips regarding search engine ranking.

    Thank you.

  47. 这几乎是一个完美的方法来选择一个博客的名字. I feel that the name should connect to the blog’s target the people who are searching for the topic no matter what process is involved in finding out a name is the tough one.

  48. Hey Ankit, such a detailed and informative process you have shared to come up with a great blog name. Good read!

    Thumbs up!

  49. Harold says:

    Our team started an educational blog. It took 15 days to pick a good name for it. I wish I could find this post at that time we could save our 15 days. This post is really helpful.

  50. Simmy says:

    Amazing post. Our blog name is our brand. We should make it easy to remember and catchy so that our readers can easily identify it.