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  1. Hi Ankit,

    优秀的文章你分享. .非常感谢。Obviously Right niche selection and keyword research is the key to blogging success. Finding the niche was a very big headache till reading this article. I am sticking with the two niche only till this day after i have started blogging 2 years ago. Now I have got very detailed tuts to select niche. Thanks a lot.


  2. Emmanuel Joshua says:

    Hi Ankit,

    Thumbs up for this wonderful piece. Quite inspiring and loaded.

    I do have questions, however.

    My blog focuses on mobile gadgets, mobile apps, phones, hacks and opinions.

    1. Aside from affiliate marketing, are there laudable monetising opportunities for such blogs?

    2. Of the three categories you described – wealth, Health and relationship – where does my blog belong?

    Thanks for the ever-refreshing contents.

  3. Ashraf Jan says:

    Hi Ankit,

    Great and useful post to explore ideas. Thanks for this detailed guide.

    Quora is also a great place to find sub-niches. Reddit too

  4. mukesh saini says:

    Wow! This is an amazing guide about the niche. I have a Hindi blog. I love your blog because it motivates me. Thanks, Ankit sir.

  5. Hey Ankit,

    Very impressive guide here. You’ve covered almost everything.

    I just want to say, while choosing a blog niche, you should take care of just one thing. That is the willpower of you to write about that specific niche for long. That one thing can draw a line between your success and failure.

    However, thanks for sharing this nice post.

  6. Taposh Kapuria says:

    Hey Ankit,

    Finding a blog niche is a tedious task. Most of the bloggers choose niche according to money, not by interest.

    I have seen many bloggers they only focus on money, not content or audience.

    Sometimes choosing a single niche may occur issues after one or two years.

    This article is shareable.

  7. Hi Ankit,

    Master piece! Niche actually plays an important part while starting a blog and many people gets confused about it.

    Instead of investing time on wrong niche, it is wise idea to spend time on articles like this to understand the importance of niche.

    I must add, focusing on single niche has more advantages compare to multiple, in terms of SEO and convenience.

    I have shared this super read on my Twitter!

    Great Job Ankit!

  8. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips. I am planning to start a blog, and I was very confused about which niche to choose from but your blog has given me the ideas and helped me a lot. Keep sharing your valuable knowledge with the readers.

  9. Hi Ankit,
    Best of The Best it’s very very nicely described in your blog you have done tremendous job keep it up.Buddy

  10. Ankit,
    This was super helpful. Well said and a very thorough explanation. Thank you for all the screen shots as well, that was super helpful throughout.